Coin Jar - Coin Bank, Money Bank, Money Jar, Savings Bank, Coin Holder, Graduation Gift, Vinyl Decal

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Small Change Coin Bank

The money jar says Small Change in vinyl lettering with a dandelion beside it. Toss out those baggies!! This coin bank is the perfect place to keep your spare change you are saving. It makes a great gift for grads going away to college or young adults getting their first apart. The money jar is cute and decorative way to display your extra change.

This money bank can be personalized to your choice of vinyl colors. The money jar has a hand cut slot cut in the top to allow you to fill it with coins!

**Bank jar is a pint size.**

The coin bank is great for gift giving for any occasion. Do not submerge in water. If money jar becomes dirty wipe clean with a damp towel or rag.