Mustache Box, My Stache Money Box, Shadow Box Art, Personalized Bank

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This shadow box design was personally designed as a personalized bank. The frame is 8x10 inches and 3 inch deep. This shadow box frame includes a white paper background with small mustaches on it. Across the glass it says MY STACHE in black vinyl lettering with a mustache below it. This shadow box frame is the perfect place to keep you money you are saving for a rainy day.

This shadow box frame is black MDF (medium density fiberboard). It has a glass front that closes in the back. The frame has a slot cut in the top to allow you to fill it with money as you save for your that special something! It has an easy open back for safe removal of contents inside. This shadow box art can be displayed on a wall, table, shelf or stand. It has a flat edge so it will stand on its own.