My Adventure Fund

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Have a strong desire to travel and explore the world? Start planning your next trip with the money you save in your adventure fund! Give yourself a place to put your money you are saving for that bucket list of places you'd like to see some day. On the glass it says "My Adventure Fund" ,in permanent white vinyl, with a antique world map as the background. Picture yourself at the top of a mountain or exploring a foreign city every time you drop a few bucks in the money bank!!

Product Details

  • Frame dimensions 8x10x2.5 inches
  • White shadow box frame - MDF (medium density fiberboard)
  • Glass front that closes in the back.

The frame has a slot cut in the top to allow you to fill it with money as you save for your next adventure! It has an easy open back for safe removal of contents inside.

**** Slot is cut by hand and will vary slightly.*****

If the money box becomes dirty wipe clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT spray cleaner directly on glass.

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